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c I Am Michigan
In addition to the beautiful parks, waterfalls, natural and man-made structures in Michigan, it is also made up of people, places and businesses. 
Search for and support Michigan businesses who proudly say I Am Michigan
I Am Michigan
 I am a restaurant, I am a boutique,
I am a spa, I am an event venue,
   I am a bakery, I am an artist, 
   I am a hotel, I am Realtor, 
I am a Resort, I am an art gallery,
  I am a Zoo, I am a roofer, I am an electrician,
       I am painter,
         I am an caterer,
     I am a casino,
   I am an optometrist , 
      I am a motel,
 I am an attorney, 
  I am an interior designer,
   I am a golf course, I am a church,
I am a bookstore, I am a consultant,
   I am a newspaper, I am a healthcare professional, I am a hotel, I am a mechanic, 
                     I am a locksmith, I am a landscaper, I am a photographer,
                                    I am an insurance agent
 I am a florist, I am a dentist, I am a contractor,
  I am an architect, I am a diner, I am a hospital,
I am a printer, I am a university, I am an accountant, 
 I am a tanning salon, I am an travel agent,
  I am tree service I am a computer programmer,
I am a newspaper, I am an auto shop,
I Am Michigan
Have you taken the I Am Michigan Pledge ?